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Goa Trip

Summer in India is terrible. With most parts of India are experiencing waves of Loo, there are some places that display a ray of hope to avid travelers. The vast and diverse country won’t let you sit idle and do nothing. You can have an array of thrilling activities if you could manage to escape these travel hot spots.

Dozens of pages have been written on the Internet, awareness has been made on TV and Radio, government initiatives have been taken to avoid the sweltering heat of with soaring temperatures going above 45 degree C. This is the true picture of India. Incessant sweat running down the body, making clothes completely drenched and droughty throat; locals have no courage to move out of their houses and challenge the sun. If you are all set to beat the heat and accept the challenge, the obvious destinations to resort would be the hill stations. Popular hill stations in India that can be taken into consideration are Mahabaleshwar, Munnar, Coonoor, Coorg, Kodaikanal, Ooty, Nandi Hills and Wayanad.

So, you already know these places. Let’s have a look at the destinations or cities that you should avoid during his trip to India this summer in 2016 if you want your days to be pleasant and nights to be cold.

  1. Chennai:

This is true that southern region of India is cooler than the northern part. But Chennai is an exception. The mere temperature rises above 45 degrees in the months of April, May and June. The native of this hot place has given a unique name to this particular phase. It is called Fire Star – in native language it is called Agni Natshatram.

  1. Delhi:

Delhi is the political capital of India, but not the summer capital. And the Britishers were right choosing Shimla as the summer capital of India. Summer in Delhi is hot and deadly. For vacationers and Delhiites, to holiday in the capital in summer is like having a blast in the furnace. What adds to the already existing misery is the paucity of water. Think twice before heading to this part of India with family unless your tour operator preserves a five-star accommodation.

  1. Jaipur:

A dry city as it is known, summer witnesses extreme hot from April to June. The temperature rises above 42 degrees. The fun of exploring the Pink City extinguishes in the roasting heat. Instead of taking a stroll along the beautifully painted walls of ancient forts and castles, you would rather prefer to take a nap in the centrally air conditioned heritage hotel.

  1. Agra:

Will the spell-casting majesty of the Taj Mahal be able to comfort you from the frying heat? Or will you be enthralled to take a dip in the River Yamuna? Agra certainly deserves to be in this list as the city gears up to be claimed as one of the hottest destinations in the country. There is no denying that even the most discerning holidaymakers want to get a glance of the love epitome.

  1. Goa:

The best time to be a part of India’s beach lifestyle is the advent of winter; hence, avoiding beaches is avoiding unbearable heat. Pristine beaches, hot sand, blazing sunlight and intolerable searing breeze will increase the percentage of melanin in your body. Goa is an iconic destination, but saying NO to Goa in summer is a wise decision.

Agree? Or do you have a bigger list that includes some more places?


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